Facility Management Services

Our services are designed to meet the specific requirement of our customers. Further, we offer the services at reasonable cost and within the stipulated time frame. Our services include :

Mall Management
Mall Management We are a leading Mall Management Company having specialty in Positioning, Zoning, Tenant Mix, Promotional Events, Infrastructure Management, Ambiance Management, Marketing and Finance/Facilities Management. We have successful track record in the field of our activities, which is evident from our consistent growth, and credibility in the market. We have a strong team of about 20 Mall Professionals and dedicated Staff. We believe that Mall management is a critical factor for the success of any Mall. We ensure optimal utilization of resources to meet organizational needs and management of facilities provided to the tenants within the mall. This will include provision of adequate power supply, safety issues in case of emergency and miscellaneous issues related to signage, water supply, sanitation, etc. These form an integral part of Mall Management as they are the basic amenities that any tenant would look for in a mall.
Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
3project-management Our Engineering Team, no matter how complex the customer need is, provide a custom mix of Engineering Products & Services. A2Z has the most comprehensive Project Management capabilities. With our group of professionals, projects have been executed for well known clients. These projects entailed a broad spectrum of services like project analysis services, project designing services, etc. ensuring quality delivery of such projects.
Quality Assurance Services
5our-quality-assurance Quality Assurance (QA) as it is often termed as; “All those planned and the systematic action necessary to provide adequate confidence to a product or a service which will satisfy the given requirement for quality”. Our QA includes industrial quality assurance, quality planning services, etc.In other words, Quality Assurance is considered as controlling activities to ensure that customers expected and required standards are met. A customer shall obtain confidence either by assessing a Service Provider’s Quality Management System.

For any quality assessment to be reliable, there need to be a set of objectives and criteria. Therefore, the introduction of ISO 9000 series of standard provides an internationally agreed set of criteria and our company was one of the first company in India to get the above certification during the year of 2002.

Security Services
4our-security We provide proficient Security Personnel to Hotels, Shopping Malls, Office Complexes, Industrial Premises, Residential Properties, Night Clubs / Pubs and Event Organizers. To ensure effectiveness, we have a support system which comprises of three components, viz Director Operations, Operation Center and a 24-hour Response Team. In addition, a Central Assessment Team conducts periodic assessment to ensure efficiency in operational readiness, customer service, administrative and logistical readiness.